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Close to Châtel-Censoir

  • Vézelay
  • Vézelay “eternal hill” is one of the best sights in the area with St. Mary Magdalene Basilica as a romanesque style masterpiece endorsed by UNESCO World Heritage. Don’t forget to complete your basilica visit with the Viollet-le-Duc museum exhibiting original stones of the Basilica filed by Viollet-le-Duc during restoration in the nineteenth century. When visiting old village of Vézelay, have a look at Modern Art collection in Zervos Museum (1925-1965 paints from Picasso, Kandinsky, Léger …) set up in the beautiful house of French Nobel prize novelist Romain Rolland. It has to say that Vézelay has definitely attracted writers: philosopher Georges Bataille, novelist Jules Roy – whose house is as well open to visit (writer cabinet and gardens). And of course, just walk in the old village.
  • Vezelay hosts a yearly music festival in August dedicated to vocal art: “Les Rencontres Musicales de Vézelay”. Program includes the best European sacred music orchestras in the magical setting of the basilica. A promise of musical experiences for the whole family in a simple and friendly atmosphere.
  • On the way back, make a stop in Asquins village alongside the Cure River 1 km from Vezelay. Asquins was one of the main departure places for Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage from “Saint-Jacques le Majeur” church, also endorsed as a UNESCO World Heritage. 1.5 km away, Saint-Père in Vezelay village is a place of interest including a Gallo-Roman archaeological site.
  • Vézelay tourism office:
  • Vézelay music festival:
  • Bazoches castle
  • Bazoches castle was built in twelth century and further set up by famous French marechal Vauban to settle his house (13 km from Vézelay).
  • Arcy-sur-Cure caves
  • About twenty miles from Châtel-Censoir, Arcy-sur-Cure caves is a place of prehistoric art. Open daily from Easter to 11th-November.
  • A good opportunity to go on with discovering the Cure Valley and its beautiful villages, some of which having beautiful bridges as Pierre Perthuis and Arcy-sur-Cure.
  • Not far from Arcy sur Cure caves is the Gallo-Roman Cora camp. At the top of Villaucerre hill in Saint Moré, this camp was protecting the Roman Via Agrippa road linking Lyon to Boulogne sur Mer.

Less than one hour by car from Châtel-Censoir

  • Pontigny Abbey
  • 55 km from Châtel-Censoir, Pontigny Abbey is a former Cistercian monastery founded in 1114. For bargain hunters: the village also hosts an Emmaus community! Pontigny Emmaüs community: 4 rue André Merle – 89230 PONTIGNY. Phone: 00 33 (0)3 86 47 56 23 /
  • Avallon
  • Set up on his granite outcrop at 25 km from Châtel-Censoir, Avallon overlooks the Cousin River Valley and is one of the gates of the Morvan Regional Natural Park. Historic city center, supermarkets and many shops.
  • One of our favorites: the bookshop in the pedestrian street starting at the Vauban square and heading into the historic city! The medieval town of Avallon and its 8,000 inhabitants have managed to keep their bookstore for over 150 years. In January 2013, the bookshop was taken over by Carole Amicel and Evelyne Levallois becoming “L’Autre monde”.,6018

One hour by car from Châtel-Censoir

  • Armençon Valley: Tonnerre, Ancy-le-Franc, Tanlay
  • In the heart of Armançon Valley. Tonnerre and its area are a territory where we find stones, vineyards, water, and where treasures can be found.
  • The Tonnerrois is located between two big natural regions of wet champagne and the Burgundy’s trays on the east Yonne department. A beautiful harmony between wine and heritage in there, offering to the visitors of big forests, a huge range of Burgundy’s castles and canal which crosses it. Do not miss the castles of Ancy-le-Franc and Tanlay and City of Tonnerre.
  • A 57 km from Châtel-Censoir, the city of Tonnerre features a beautiful architectural and historical heritage. Do not miss: the mysterious “Fosse Dionne” in the heart of downtown!
  • 65 km from Châtel-Censoir, Ancy-le-Franc is an amazing Renaissance palace on the lands of the Dukes of Burgundy. Concerts are scheduled from late April to early October.
  • At 70 km from Châtel-Censoir, the castle of Tanlay is another fine specimen of Renaissance architecture in Burgundy.
  • Guedelon medieval castle and Puisaye territory
  • An unforgettable experience for kids! Visit the construction site of a castle with techniques and materials used in the Middle Ages. 57 km from Châtel-Censoir.
  • A journey to Guédelon allows you to visit Puisaye, which offers many architectural and literary heritage opportunities. A daylong trip convenient for all ages and all interests. On the way to Guédelon, drop into:
  • > Druyes-les-belles-Fontaines village (26 km from Châtel-Censoir): water sources, twelfth century medieval castle.
  • > Saint-Fargeau (60 km from Châtel-Censoir): the castle was built in the tenth century and rebuilt in the fifteenth century and displays a sound and light show.
  • > Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye (46 km from Châtel-Censoir): French novelist Colette hometown.
  • On the way to the Loire River, La Charité-sur-Loire and maybe more
  • The Charité sur Loire priory was founded in 1059 by the powerful clergy order of Cluny. It’s a major step on the road to Compostela and a crossing point on the Loire River. The monastery was expanded and soon played a key role in the Cluny abbeys network. La Charité-sur-Loire thus became one of the five “eldest daughters of Cluny” and extended its influence over 45 priories and 400 outbuildings.
  • La Charité-sur-Loire is also well known as the “City of the Book” with a dozen booksellers and book craftsmen, all settled in the heart of the historic city.
  • A perfect starting point for visiting other sites on the banks of the Loire River.

One and half hour by car from Châtel-Censoir

  • Fontenay Abbey
  • 75 km from Châtel-Censoir, do not miss to visit the beautiful Cistercian Abbey of Fontenay founded in 1118 by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. This oldest preserved Cistercian abbey in the world has been registered as a French historical monument in 1862 and was endorsed by UNESCO as a World Heritage in 1981.
  • The road to Fontenay abbey is crossing the charming medieval village of Montreal (40 km from Châtel-Censoir). Perfect for a rest!

From one and half hour to two hours by car from Châtel-Censoir

  • Dijon
  • At 130 km from Châtel-Censoir stays the capital of the Dukes of Burgundy! The historical town and its heritage is the gateway to the vineyards of the famous Côte de Nuits.