Joli cottage for sport people and nature lovers

There’s something for everyone: from fishing to high-level climbing, via walking or cycling!
1:25 000 scale hiking maps are available in the cottage.
You can rent bikes (on request) and the house team can arrange rides or fishing excursions with a local guide (on request, according to the season).
Day or half a day boat cruises on the canal during navigation season from April to September (on request).

An exceptional site for climbers … and others!

Extending through the canal, you arrive at the Bois du Parc country park close to Mailly-le-Château. This nature reserve will offer some amazing discoveries: major geological site, the cliff foot career reveals colonies of ancient corals. The top of the cliffs and the plateau offer lawns, bushes and forests of oak and hornbeam, rich in plant species which usually occur much further south. For complementary information download the PDF.

A green path for walkers and cycling

  • The Nivernais Canal was built between 1783 and 1843 from Decize city to Auxerre city on nearly 180 km. A green track has been laid along the canal on the towpath providing a 175 km cycle route. A lot of rides from Châtel-Censoir!
  • Canal du Nivernais official website :
  • Canal guide :

Morvan regional park

  • Châtel-Censoir is located fifteen kilometers from north of the Morvan Park throughout Vézelay and Asquins gates. Established in 1970, the Morvan Regional Natural Park is located in the center of Burgundy in Nièvre, Côte d’Or, Saone & Loire and Yonne French departments.